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Flexible Hosting Choices

Power, ease-of-use and innovation are not the only benefits customers obtain when they choose ComputerEase. You also get flexibility in choosing how to deploy ComputerEase.

With ComputerEase, you can:

  • Host the software on your own in-house server
  • Host the software on the Cloud Data Center
  • Host on a hybrid of your in-house server with free cloud mobility

And we offer flexible choices on how to purchase:

  • Purchase under a Traditional Investment Option
  • Purchase under a monthly payment Subscription Option
  • Purchase under a monthly payment Cloud Option

When it comes to investing in new software, having flexible choices is a good thing. Especially during times when preserving your capital is critical. There are no credit reviews, loan applications or finance charges to worry about. Just simple and flexible choices for your business.

ComputerEase Cloud

Construction Management in the Cloud

ComputerEase Cloud extends your IT capabilities over a world class SAS 70 Type II Data Center. This gives your business the ability to securely enter and store critical data over the Internet without making you incur IT infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Cloud hosting gives you the freedom to access your data from any device with a web browser, including iPads, iPhones, Androids, Laptops, Macs, PCs and more. There's no software to maintain and update either. It's all taken care of automatically in the Cloud.

ComputerEase Cloud offers you these benefits:

  • Low cost alternative to purchasing software.
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Place, Any Device
  • All updates are automatically applied.
  • Your valuable data is automatically backed up daily.
  • Unlimited software support and maintenance is included.

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So, What Exactly is the Cloud?

Simply put, the Cloud is a service that allows software to operate in real-time over the Internet. With the Cloud, you have secure, real-time access with real-time results from any location.

With ComputerEase Cloud, you have the option to subscribe to our Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) program. This allows you to use ComputerEase by paying a manageable, fixed monthly fee while avoiding both upfront and annual costs. Work from anywhere and from any device.

Hybrid? What is Hybrid?

Hybrid is a unique feature option offered by ComputerEase. Many contractors still wish to use their own in-house server to host their critical software and prefer not to pay a monthly fee. However, these same contractors wish to extend the reach of their technology into the field with an integrated mobile solution that saves them time and money. But, this typically relegates contractors to using cumbersome VPN type network technologies. These technologies require costly setup and high IT maintenance.

To eliminate these high costs and maintenance, ComputerEase created FieldEase, a fully integrated all-in-one field to office solution. FieldEase is a web-based tool that allows contractors to have state of the art integrated mobile technology while using their own self-hosted hardware.


There are no complex IT setup or costs with FieldEase. The only requirement is that your server has Internet access. And we all know that all servers do.

FieldEase comes with unlimited users, functions on virtually unlimited devices and best of all, there are no monthly fees.

You simply buy the FieldEase module and you’re ready to extend your operating reach to anywhere on the globe.


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