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Innovative field to office solutions are a cornerstone for today’s successful contractors. And, ComputerEase has delivered some of the most innovative tools available in the industry.

ComputerEase doesn’t just allow contractors to enter data from the field; it’s powerful and integrated solutions deliver bi-directional field to office collaboration that contractors need.

A full suite of mobile solutions is available to meet the ever-changing demands of contractors, all built in today’s latest technology.

    Streamline payroll with field time collection, eliminate redundancy and reduce errors.
    Produce electronic logs in the field that keep detailed, critical job history forever.
    Track and record job production. Units Complete, Cost to Complete, % Complete.
    Manage and record subcontractors who worked the job.
    Generate purchase orders in the field.
    Access hundreds of reports while in the field.
    Record equipment used on the job right down to cost code levels.
    Attach critical documents, photos and signatures.
    Record weather as you experience it and its impact on your job performance.
    Manage unlimited notes and details.
    Save and manage notes by job and date with custom priority codes.
    Instantly dispatch work orders to your field technicians.

Time Tracking App

Accurate time entry is critical to a contractor's success. That's why ComputerEase has developed a state-of-the-art Time Tracking App for iOS and Android devices that’s easy for employees to use.

The Time Tracking App integrates with the ComputerEase payroll system and with FieldEase to make the time tracking process easier than ever. As soon as your workers arrive in the field, they can enter their time via their mobile device. This can be in the hands of the individual worker, the supervisor or the field manager depending on the way your company wants to handle the process.

Service Work Orders & Dispatch

Contractors who provide services want their customers to always feel confident that they made the right choice.  And today’s successful service contractor understands that attention to detail is critical. With seemingly endless details to maintain, contractors need software technology designed for a service contractor.

The integrated ComputerEase Service & Dispatch system has you covered. ComputerEase delivers an easy-to-use call and dispatch process that helps you to rapidly respond to your customers. And, your technicians arrive armed with all of the details they need such as call history, site history, past work performed history, details on the site equipment and much more.

instant access to work orders

And, field technicians can self-dispatch so the home office can see the technician’s progress in real-time.

Technicians electronically record their time, material used, notes, recommendations, capture photographs, capture customer signatures and much more right from the field. This technology makes it clear to your customer that you obviously possess the software technology to manage their valuable assets beyond their expectation.

Some of the benefits of using the ComputerEase Service module are:

  •  Dispatch service calls directly to your technicians
  •  Technicians have full site and past work completed on tablet
  •  Capture customer signatures on the technician’s tablet.
  •  Record critical notes and action plans
  •  Eliminate redundancy and streamline service delivery
  •  Technician’s status visible at home office
  •  Technicians can self-dispatch even after hours and weekends
  •  Rapid billing turn-around
  •  Fully integrated with ComputerEase accounting
  •  Schedule technicians with graphical, drag and drop dispatch
  •  Manage service contracts
  •  Analyze profits

Inventory Transfer App

Track Your Resources on Demand

Inventory management can be one of the biggest headaches a contractor deals with on a day to day basis. Your crucial supplies are constantly in use on multiple jobs.

Without an easy way to keep track of them, one or two pieces are bound to fall through the cracks.

CE barcode

Barcode scanners have made inventory management a lot easier, but who wants to maintain a separate system for inventory management, barcode scanning, accounting and everything else under the sun?

That’s why ComputerEase has developed the fully integrated Inventory Transfer App for Contractors. This app turns your mobile device into a barcode scanner and a point of access to your database with a direct link to the Purchasing & Inventory Module.


Track Your Expenses and Reimbursements from Anywhere!

Tracking expenses can be a real pain. Saving all your receipts, storing them in your truck until you have a chance to go by the office, filling out all the forms required to submit them to accounts payable, and waiting for weeks for them to process not knowing what the status is can be daunting.

The leading innovator to the construction industry, ComputerEase, has created your solution with the mobile expense and reimbursement tracking app. ComputerEase has simplified the steps between making a purchase and being reimbursed.

ExpenseEase is the only expense and reimbursement tracking app that is seamlessly integrated with ComputerEase. This integration allows you to eliminate a lot of the headaches that usually come with tracking your expenses.

With ExpenseEase, you can record, submit and track expenses and reimbursements from anywhere and they’ll show up automatically in your ComputerEase Accounts Payable module!

Easy as 1-2-3

After you make a purchase just pull up the App, fill out the required fields and save. You can even add a picture of the receipt! Once all your expenses are entered, simply select which ones you want to submit, hit the submit button and that’s it. Your expenses are now viewable in Accounts Payable.

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