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Enter the ComputerEase Cloud:

Click on the cloud icon to gain secured access to the ComputerEase Cloud Data Center. Security credentials required.

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Join a Meeting:

Click on the GoTo Meeting logo to join a meeting with our staff. A 9 digit code will be provided to you that will allow you to access a secure and safe connection.

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National Document Solutions Forms Division:

The National Document Solutions forms and supplies program offers you the ability to place your order for printed forms, checks and tax forms online with easy charging to your credit card. The online order program is designed as a step-by-step process for placing orders. Order Check and Forms Here.

Deltek + ComputerEase Payroll Service:

Contractor payroll can be a challenging task. Unfortunately, most payroll service companies are designed to be a generic payroll service and are not designed specifically for the contracting industry. Deltek + ComputerEase Payroll is designed exclusively for contractors and is fully integrated with the Deltek + ComputerEase Software. Visit Payroll Service.


LCPtracker, Inc. is a leading software service provider specializing in construction site compliance related software. The main solution, LCPtracker Professional, is a powerful web-based software for collecting, verifying and managing certified payrolls and other labor compliance related documents. Over 200 government agencies and over 100,000 contractors have used LCPtracker for their certified payroll reporting.

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AvidXchange Payment Automation

AvidXchange revolutionizes the way companies pay their bills by streamlining the entire vendor payment process. With AvidXchange, you can pay your vendors electronically while maintaining all of your banking relationships and current payment approval workflows. Avid Exchange is a neat bill payment system which includes the ability to use a single check stock for multiple companies and MICR check printing and a whole lot more.


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Comdata is a proven leader in corporate payments for a wide range of industries and some of the nation's most-recognized brand names. Their solutions touch financial transactions of all kinds and are changing the way companies manage data, pay employees, process transactions and control spending on key business purchases. Comdata solutions help you save money, grow your revenue, streamline operations and minimize financial risks.

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The experts at Infintech have partnered with ComputerEase to offer our customers a turn-key solution for accepting electronic payments. They will work with each customer to ensure that they receive the lowest possible rates available from the major credit card companies and offer simple and easy set-up. Infintech aims to help demystify credit card acceptance by educating businesses on payment methods, costs and security.

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PrintBoss provides affordable check printing solutions tailored specifically for ComputerEase customers. The seamless integration between PrintBoss and ComputerEase allows users to print checks from multiple bank accounts to one check stock.

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Zimcom Internet Solutions

Zimcom advances you and your organization to the next level with leading-edge Internet solutions and trusted service that’s beyond compare.

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Data Entry & Bookkeeping Assistance:

Sometimes contractors simply don’t have the extra time and personnel to setup a new system and make sure it’s ready to go quickly.

We can help.

Our team has copious experience in software implementation.  It’s what we do.

For those contractors who need a boost, we can help you to setup your new system quickly and correctly. This allows you and your staff to focus on your day to day operations while your new software is being implemented.


Contact us to learn more about our resources.